About Us 

Michael Pardini founded California Acoustics in San Jose, California in October 2001. With over 15 years of noise control project management experience, he has had continued success with turnkey projects, coordinating acoustic manufacturers and installation services. His team's goal is to bring the Acoustic Consultant's designs to life - focusing on a cost-effective and headache-free approach for the client.  

California Acoustics has partners spanning the Bay Area.  They specialize in working on commercial projects and large residences, however no job is too large or too small!  Specific products are not pushed, but rather the right solution for the customer is presented.

Michael and his team demonstrate a "
whatever it takes
" attitude toward their clients and the Acoustic Consultants they serve, with an outside-the-box approach for solutions.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering along with years of consulting, construction, engineering and project management experience.

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